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Authentic and modern paella and tapas for weddings, parties and events.

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Paella and tapas choices


"Many thanks for the feast on Sunday - it was a great success and really tasty, one of the best paellas I have had." Jeremy, London



Paella Inc can create all the traditional and authentic tapas from torta Espanol to stuffed squid and from traditional meatballs to the evolving modern tapas using pear with foie gras.Have a look at some examples of the tapas that we do.


Fish, cheese and meat plates (embutidos)

Paella Inc fish, cheese and meat plates (embutidos) are ideal as appetisers before paella or for guests to eat as an additional course after paella. All Paella Inc hams and cheeses are top quality imports from Spain. For parties of over 100, the hams are carved off the bone in front your guests. Have a look at our full range of fish, cheese and meat plates (embutidos).


Meat paellas

The Dirty Majorcan

Paella with rabbit, chicken, pigeon, pork ribs, sobrasada sausage and artichoke
Game paella

Paella with rabbit, venison, partridge, artichokes, turnips and porcini mushrooms

Inland paella

Paella with pork loin, chorizo, spinach and swiss chard

Paella violet

Paella with quail, red cabbage, chestnuts and red wine

Paella country

Paella with rabbit, snails, almonds and sherry vinegar

Valencian paella

Paella with chicken, duck, three bean and artichoke.


Fish paellas

Thursday paella with lost chicken

Paella rice with langoustine, king prawns, squid, mussels and monk fish

The lobster paella

Paella with baby lobster, cuttlefish and fennel

The crab paella

Paella with soft shell crab, broad beans, turnip and asparagus

Spring paella

Paella with sea bass, cray fish, courgettes and spring white truffle


Paella using pasta with langoustine, king prawn, monk fish and red mullet

The Paella Ink [our signature paella]

Paella ultra with black paella rice, squid, cuttlefish and squid ink.


Paella Inc salads are great accompaniments to your paella. Here are some to choose from:

Ensalada campera

Summer potato salad

Salpicon de marisco

Chilled seafood salad with trevalla, squid, scallops, prawns, mussels, tomatoes and green pepper

Alcachofas con jambon

Artichokes with ham

Zarangollo Extremeno

Roasted capsicum and tomato salad



Our paellas, salads and tapas are competitively priced, with our tapas and salads starting from £1.50 and our paellas start from £8.50 per head.





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