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Authentic and modern paella and tapas for weddings, parties and events.

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Paella Inc guide to your wedding and party food


We’ve got some great tips to help make sure that your wedding or party paella is the best it can be. The devil is often in the detail so paying attention to the small things can really help in making your day a success.

Choosing your menu
We will guide you through your food choices and create a bespoke menu so that you can choose foods you prefer as well as making sure that you cater for vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, children and any special dietary requirements.
You can choose your menu when you book and then we can tweak the details, such as numbers, nearer the time. You’ll need to finalise your food choice at least two weeks before your event to allow time for ordering and for any changes just in case your favourite vegetable or seafood isn’t available.

Planning the food schedule on your day
Scheduling arrival times of caterers and other services is important to ensuring your day runs smoothly. The earlier that we can access your venue, the better.

As a starting point, for a simple paella for 50 guests, we like to arrive a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to serving. For a wedding we would prefer access to the venue at least 3-4 hours prior to serving, but this will depend upon your venue, the number of guests, menu choices and how involved we are in the set up.

Parking and traffic

Parking: some of our equipment is quite heavy so parking relatively close to the venue is preferable. Once we have unloaded we don’t need to have our paella van nearby so it can be temporary parking. Some venues may have parking spaces but it’s worth making sure these will be available and whether there are any other parking restrictions. It typically takes us about half an hour to unload our equipment.
Traffic: to minimise any impact on the time guests eat we’ll always allow plenty of time for travel and we’ll always consider factors such as time of day and weather. You should also consider your local knowledge such as thinking about whether any other events might be happening such as football matches, concerts or whether it’s the first day of the school holidays.
Your venue: We are more than happy to cook paella in the middle of a field – but will we be able to drive to where we need to be? If not we’ll need to include extra time for unloading. Also it’s worth thinking about where your venue is – whilst you might know it like the back of your hand, it may be a hidden gem. Also consider whether your guests will already be at the venue, if so, this could add on time as we carry our equipment through mingling party goers.


Your schedule of your wedding day
If your wedding needs to follow a meticulous plan then it may be worth considering hiring a wedding planner, party planner or event organiser (even just for the day) so that they can take care of the logistics and run around making sure everything is on schedule leaving you to enjoy your wedding.

How many staff should we hire?
This depends on whether you’d like a sit down dinner where guests are served or whether you’d like a buffet style. For a wedding or party of 100 guests having embutidos or tapas for starters and 3 different types of paella where each guest is served, we’d recommend that you have 2-3 waiting staff. This is in addition to the Paella Inc staff.

How long should you book the staff for?

Parties and weddings often go on for longer than anticipated and you may want to make sure that there are enough staff to clear deserts, glasses and coffee cups. It may be necessary to have a flexible end time for a few of the staff so you don’t feel awkward in asking them to stay longer than they were originally booked for. Catering recruitment agencies usually charge by the hour so this works practically too. You might want to think about how the staff will get home if your do is a long way from public transport or may finish very late.

Cutlery and crockery hire
We are happy to put you in touch with a plate hire supplier or we can arrange this for you or if you are holding your event in a marquee, the marquee company may be able to recommend local suppliers.

The plate hire companies will usually deliver the plates and cutlery to your venue the day before and then pick them up a day or so later. There is no need for washing up. You may also want to think about whether you want to hire glasses, bread baskets, coffee cups, jugs, napkins and tablecloths. It is preferable to try to hire from one company as it will cut down on delivery costs and time spent liaising with the supplier.

Alternatively if your party is informal, then we can supply noodle boxes and wooden forks. These are great for a stand up party, minimises washing up and they do keep the paella warmer for longer.


If you have any other questions please get in touch - we are more than happy to share our wedding experience with you to ensure your day is a success.



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